Link Popularity Introduction

One of the most important factors used by search engines these days is “link popularity.” The idea being that your web site must be important if everyone else is linking to it. A great concept, to be sure.

So, how do you get to be so popular? There are three basic strategies:

The Honest Way: Trade links with other sites, make it easy to link to your site, and generally take the high road. This will pay off better in the end, but it does take some time and patience. Don’t let these other methods substitute for the right way of doing things. Reciprocal links do more than increase your “link popularity,” they bring in qualified visitors to your site .
The FFA Way: Submit your URL tabletka kamagra to tens of thousands of free-for-all links pages. Most FFA sites resubmit to search engines regularly, and with sheer volume, your site is going to have at least a few links to it in the search engine’s database.
The Self-Promotion Way: Create link popularity by creating links yourself. Add links to your site to your newsgroup messages, and all the sites that archive Usenet now have a link to you, at least temporarily. Create hundreds of web sites using “free” web communities, and put up gateway pages with links to your site, then submit these pages to search engines.