How Many Pages Should You Submit?

When submitting your site to search engines, you need to be aware of how they operate. Many search engines will index only the page that you submit initially, and will only return much later (weeks or months later) to follow the links and index the rest of your site. Some will never return to index the rest of your site . Of those that return to index the rest, most will only follow links to a limited depth. In order to get the most exposure for your site, it’s a good idea to submit more than one page.

So, which pages should you submit? Your home page should be submitted, of course. You should also submit the entry pages for any other sections of your site, your FAQ page, etc. For this site, we submitted the home page , the Marketing index, the Search Engines index, the Improve Your Site index, and the Toolkit main page. When we add new articles to the site, we add those to the main search engines as well.