How Many Pages Should You Submit?

When submitting your site to search engines, you need to be aware of how they operate. Many search engines will index only the page that you submit initially, and will only return much later (weeks or months later) to follow the links and index the rest of your site. Some will never return to index […]

Improve your site’s

The added advantage to submitting multiple pages is that it will improve your site’s “popularity” rating, because the pages you submit will usually have links to other pages on your site . Not all search engines will count internal links, but some of them appear to do so. Although submitting multiple pages does take time, […]

Link Popularity Introduction

One of the most important factors used by search engines these days is “link popularity.” The idea being that your web site must be important if everyone else is linking to it. A great concept, to be sure. So, how do you get to be so popular? There are three basic strategies: The Honest Way: […]

Bidding For Clicks

This is a different kind of search engine. Instead of trying to rank sites by how relevant they might be with a given set of keywords, ranks sites based on how much they’re willing to pay per visitor. In other words, you pay to play. While it’s hard to believe that people would trust […]

Top sites

The next thing to recognize is that most of the sites that pay for the top listings are not really going to be direct competitors of your site. For example, if you search for “website promotion” on, the top sites are going to be pay-to-play services, such as search engine submission services or the […]